We organise numerous activities and outings for our residents and welcome suggestions for new things to do.


  • encouraging social contact with other residents
  • going for walks
  • playing games
  • exercise classes
  • reading letters/magazines/newspapers
  • library books service
  • bingo
  • film shows
  • art classes
  • visiting speakers
  • concert – usually once a month

Example Outings

  • countryside drive
  • afternoon tea at a restaurant
  • visit to a garden centre
  • visit to a museum
  • visit to a theatre

Because all outings are geared to our residents needs and capabilities there is a limit to how many can participate.

Royal Garden Hotel, Bognor Regis

“My accommodation is very good, warm and comfortable. Food is good, but could be more imaginative. Staff are pleasant and hardworking, would suggest that they speak slower and more clearly.”