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We organise numerous activities and outings for our residents and welcome suggestions for new things to do.


  • encouraging social contact with other residents
  • going for walks
  • playing games
  • exercise classes
  • reading letters/magazines/newspapers
  • library books service
  • bingo
  • film shows
  • art classes
  • visiting speakers
  • concert – usually once a month

Example Outings

  • countryside drive
  • afternoon tea at a restaurant
  • visit to a garden centre
  • visit to a museum
  • visit to a theatre

Because all outings are geared to our residents needs and capabilities there is a limit to how many can participate.

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“living somewhere, where i can leave all the day-to-day concerns of running a home to others, is wonderful. i also prefer the atmosphere of a residential hotel to being in an old age home.

i enjoy being able to join in activities such as keep fit and art and knowing company is nearby should i feel a need for it.

most reassuring though, is that, as i have a habit of fainting without warning, help is available at the touch of a button.”