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Our Care

It is our philosophy to look after our residents in the best possible way in a home-from-home environment, creating an atmosphere to meet all of the care, social, spiritual and psychological needs of the individual.

We regard and treat each resident as an individual. We recognise each resident’s right to express their views, opinions and choices, be informed of their condition and be given the help and understanding to accept the required treatment or not, if this is their wish.

At all times we offer sensitive and conscientious social care from competent, committed and well-trained staff who understand the needs of the elderly. We are available to chat with the residents, assist and advise with any problems regarding health, general queries or worries, however small, that may occur. The manager or deputy manager will visit each resident daily. Any problem that can not be solved will be passed to Colin or Julian.

We are also aware of the spiritual requirements of the individual and act accordingly to ensure these needs are met.

It is an important part of our philosophy to provide quality care. Respect, privacy and the dignity of the individual are uppermost in our minds. Care programmes are established from an assessment of the individual’s needs, allowing them to maintain as much dignity and independence as possible. This aspect has particular relevance where rehabilitation into the community is being considered.

We encourage the involvement of the families and their participation in regular assessment of the resident.

The Royal Garden

We look after our residents in the best possible way

Our Aim

Our aim is to preserve an independent quality of life for our residents, backed up by our hotel services, whilst keeping a watchful eye on their health and well-being. We can also offer care for those people who require some help with daily living, mobility or short-term memory loss. Every effort is made to create an integrated community that is safe and interesting, whilst encouraging residents to make choices, make friends and follow their own lifestyles and preferences.

“living somewhere, where i can leave all the day-to-day concerns of running a home to others, is wonderful. i also prefer the atmosphere of a residential hotel to being in an old age home.

i enjoy being able to join in activities such as keep fit and art and knowing company is nearby should i feel a need for it.

most reassuring though, is that, as i have a habit of fainting without warning, help is available at the touch of a button.”